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Frequently Asked Questions
What dates do you have available?

We don't store any dates.

When you register with us, we check the scheduling calendar twice a second, checking a spot you are interested in to become available.

That's how we get you the dates you're looking for.

How long does it take to get a spot?

Depends on a number of factors.

If your preferred days are 2 - 4 weeks away, your chances of getting a date quickly increases. Most people who reschedule try to avoid paying USMLE fines, so dates tend to open up as the fine period approaches.

Having a wide range (up to 10 week days) increases the chances you'll get a date soon.

Why credit card? Can I pay with PayPal, Venmo or something else?

Totally understand your concerns. Credit card details are far too sensitive to be handing out on the internet.

We chose credit cards so you won't have to pay before getting the date, while ensuring we can charge for the service after we're done.

Since credit card data is super-sensitive, we pay Stripe to handle the credit card details. They process payments for Target, Lyft and so many others, so your card details are in safe hands.

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